Watch HRX 2018, Earn Exclusive Twitch and Mixer Items!
By: HiRezIsiah |
1 year ago
Category: Event,News

Following months of intense competition in the SMITE Pro League, and the SMITE Console League, we’re extremely excited to bring the best SMITE players in the world together for HRX 2018!

From January 3rd to January 7th, you can watch the 2018 SMITE World Championship and the 2018 SMITE Console World Championship on Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, and Youtube! All of the action kicks off on Wednesday at 2:30pm EST, but the excitement doesn’t stop there! Viewers who tune in on Twitch and Mixer have a chance to score Odyssey 2018 Chests, Divine Chests, and Exclusive Skins in SMITE – all weekend long!

Here’s how to be eligible for this swag:


  1. Link your Twitch account and your Hi-Rez account. This lets us know who you are on Twitch, unlocks a Cutesy Avatar Chest , and makes you eligible for Twitch Drops.
  2. Tune in to starting at 2:30pm EST Wednesday (January 3) through Sunday (January 7).
  3. Enjoy HRX 2018 on Twitch! Our loot bot will randomly send Twitch Drops to viewers with their linked accounts. There are a few items Exclusive to Twitch, including Twitch Ymir, the Kreygasm Jumpstamp, and the Kappa Global Emote.


  1. Simply watch the broadcast and look for codes in chat! We’ll be dropping all kinds of in-game items, including Odyssey 2018 Chests and Divine Chests! These codes will be timed and can be used by everyone watching within that time period. Best of all, these codes will work on all platforms.

Remember, your chance to get exclusive Twitch and Mixer items starts January 3rd at 2:30pm EST!