New Season 5 Gold Vault!
By: HiRezIsiah |
12 months ago
Category: Console,News,PC,PS4,Xbox

Hi everyone!

We’re super excited to continue SMITE Adventures this year. Bringing brand new experiences to SMITE has been an amazing experience and we’ve loved seeing everyone’s reactions to the new modes.

A new year of Adventures means a new Gold Vault! Purchasing an Adventure Bundle will grant you a Gold Key that will unlock a Skin in the Season 5 Gold Vault!  We’ll be adding Skins to the  Season 5 Gold Vault with every Adventure, starting with DJ Ohm Ganesha and Marvelous Maid Amaterasu. And just like last year, you’ll be able to unlock all the skins in the Vault if you purchase each Adventure Bundle this year.

Don’t worry, the Season 4 Gold Vault will still be available if you have Gold Keys from last year. However, Gold Keys from Season 4 Adventure Bundles will only unlock Skins in the Season 4 Gold Vault, and Gold Keys from Season 5 Adventure Bundles will only unlock Skins in the Season 5 Gold Vault.

We hope you’re as excited for the next Adventure, Da Ji & Legend of the Foxes, as we are. See you on the Battleground!