What are Team Badges?
By: HiRezSt3alth |
11 months ago
Category: News

Team Badges are a great way for players to start Season 5 by showing their support for their favorite SPL teams. A portion of each Team Badge sold goes directly to that team and to the esports prize pool for the year. Players will earn 700 Fantasy Points (FP) for every purchased Team Badge and an additional 40 (FP) every time that team wins an SPL match. You only need to have these badges owned to receive this bonus FP reward, not equipped.

In-game elements will also change based on what Badge you have equipped (Conquest only). Team Banners will be dropped inside each base of the majority equipped Team Badge. After players complete each match they will gain XP for their equipped badge, eventually earning rewards (Avatars, Wards, Loading Frames, and Hud Skins) to further rep their team.


    Benefits of Team Badges

  • 700 FP per purchased Team Badge. (Starting in 5.2)
    • Players who have already purchased Team Badges will be given the FP they should have received in 5.2
  • 40 FP for every SPL victory of owned Team Badges.
    • Passive FP throughout the year as your teams do well.
  • Unlock rewards as you level up your Badges.
  • Conquest bases change appearance based on your teams equipped Team Badges.
  • Purchases of Badges contribute directly to the competitive scene.