Hera's Odyssey Celebration!
By: TitanCupcake |
11 months ago
Category: Console,Event,News,PC,PS4,Xbox

We are excited to begin Hera’s Odyssey, and with that comes an Odyssey celebration! To kick things off, we are unlocking all gods and goddesses on the battleground from September 21 until September 30, so bring your friends and try out someone new! During this time, all voice packs will be 50% off, which gives you the opportunity to express yourself in new ways!

We are also celebrating the first weekend of the Odyssey with a 3x everything weekend! Earn bonus Favor, Worshipers, XP and Fantasy Points from September 21 until September 23.

Class Chests will also be 25% off during the Odyssey celebration, so be on the lookout for divine deals in-game!

This is the perfect opportunity to try new things in SMITE, master new gods, and have fun with it!