December with Devs Stream Schedule - 12/17 - 12/21
By: TitanIsiah |
6 months ago
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Hey there Gods & Goddesses!

Next week, we are going to continue bringing you all kinds of interactive SMITE content live from our Mixer channel. Each weekday between the hours of 11am and 1pm EST (this Tuesday will be 10am-12pm), the Titan Forge team will be streaming exclusive SMITE shows over at Check out what we have planned for this week!

Monday (Dec 17)

11am-1pm EST: Tune in to hang out with our Lead Game Designer, TitanAjax, during this week’s Design Direction! Spend a couple hours with TitanAjax as he answers questions live on stream and gives us some behind-the-scenes looks at new content coming to SMITE!

1pm-3pm EST: Welcome to Hindu.FM — the Hinduman radio stream! Join the rooms in our Discord to hang out, request a song, or go on air and chat with the biggest savage on the Battleground.

Tuesday (Dec 18)

10am-12pm EST: Join TitanIsiah for some SMITE: On the Sticks! He’ll be hanging out and playing some games on Xbox One. Bring your A-Game and get ready for some hype plays and giveaways!

1pm-2pm EST: Esports Weekly is a weekly variety show where our esports analysts talk about all the goings-on you might have missed — including top plays, worst fails, best memes, and more!

Wednesday (Dec 19)

11am-1pm EST: The Godly SMITE Baking Show is back for a holiday-themed bake-off! Our host TitanCupcake will be joined this week by guest baker HeroicLeapProfessor, where they will bake SMITE themed goodies to be judged by TitanIsiah, HiRezRolycat, and last week’s fan favorite and winner: HiRezDoug!

1pm-3pm EST: Domination Podcast is a regular show brought to you by Aggro and Hinduman. You can join their Discord to call in and ask questions here: All episodes are available in audio-only form on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play.

3pm-5pm EST: Let’s Talk is a community-focused variety show brought to you by F. It features guest interviews, dev vs dev matches, and Goremiser!

Thursday (Dec 20)

11am-1pm EST: Community managers TitanIsiah and TitanCupcake host the Community Corner, which is full of their favorite community content from fan art to cosplay and concluding with several viewer games with players in chat!

1pm-3pm EST: Viewer Game Analysis – Watch Taco and Toliy break down viewer-submitted games, pro games, and more with their SMITE expertise!

3pm-4pm EST: Developer Insights

Friday (Dec 21)

11am-1pm EST: Come be a part of our Dev Workshop! Come learn from one of our Animation Artists, Bananamation_, and see what went in to past projects of hers!

1pm-2pm EST: Let’s Coach – Analyst extraordinaire Taco coaches SMITE newbies in hopes of bringing them out of Wood 5 and into GM!

2pm-3pm EST: 5.24 Update Show

3pm-6pm EST: D&D Ragnarok: A SMITE-themed D&D adventure brought to you by our SPL analysts!

Tune in all month long for exclusive SMITE content during our 31 Days of SMITE!