Titan Forge Tournament
By: TitanCupcake |
7 months ago
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It’s time to set the record straight: Which Titan Forge dev team is the Godliest of them all?

Next week, we’re live-streaming our Titan Forge Tournament, where each department will be battling it out on the Battleground of the Gods! The departments will rep their favorite exclusive skin and the tournament’s winning team will have their skin put on sale for 200 Gems on Saturday, January 26.
Tune in to each day next week at 11am ET to root for your favorite team/skin!


Titan Forge Tournament Teams
Gameplay Programming – Team Venus

Venus Aphrodite
FX – Team Oblivion

Oblivion Queen Discordia
QA – En-Yo Face

Enyo Bellona
Animation Team – The Executioners

Abyssal Executioner Chaac
Environmental Art – Teamy Chibee

Itty Bitty ChiBee Ah Muzen Cab
Brand – The Basscannons

Basscannon Neith
Tech Art/Rigging – Team Cross-Over

Fernando Ares
Design – The Ragers

Fiendish Rage Cu Chulainn