Vapor Wave | 5.25 Update Notes
By: TitanIsiah |
3 months ago
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New God Skins


Vapor Wave Poseidon



  • Synthwave Music Theme
  • Grid Tech Level Up skin
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a client crash condition with Arthur’s Ultimate
  • Platform exclusive skins have been reactivated
  • Fixed Titles that were gained through Gifting Achievements not appearing in game
  • [Console] Fixed viewing a friends profile not loading if you are on your own profile
  • [Console] Fixed Achievement pop ups showing blank
  • [Console] Fixed spectate option no longer appearing on friends list
  • [Console] Fixed ‘Kick’ and ‘Promote to Leader’ buttons showing in the friends list when user is not in a party
SMITE on Nintendo Switch

SMITE is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ on January 24, 2019! Starting now, you can Pre-Purchase the SMITE Founder’s Pack, which comes with all of the following:

  • Ultimate God Pack – Receive instant access to every God in the game, as well as unlocking every future God when they are released.
  • Dragon Empress Scylla – Summon the power of dragons as Dragon Empress Scylla! This skin is available only on Nintendo Switch™!
  • Dashing Deceiver Loki – Play as the Trickster God, Loki, in his fan-favorite skin, Dashing Deceiver.
  • 400 Gems – Instantly unlock gems to start building your skin collection.
  • Exclusive, guaranteed access to the SMITE on Switch™ closed Beta – Coming January 24, 2019!

The SMITE Founder’s Pack is available for Pre-Purchase for only $29.99! Pre-Purchase the SMITE Founder’s Pack today and you’ll also receive the Foxy Amaterasu skin, as well as an extra 200 Gems.