SMITE: Week At a Glance (SWAG)

  • SMITE went Free-to-Play on its fourth platform: Nintendo Switch! Grab your Switch and play God on the go! You can also link your PC/Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo accounts in order to take advantage of Cross-Progression. Find out more about linking here.
  • The World Serpent made his debut on the Update Show! Check out all there is to know about his abilities and in-game features in the VOD.
    Jormungandr entered the PTS! Jump into the PTS through Steam and let us know of any bugs or issues you run into here.
  • The Cornwall Bundle is live! Gain access to two exclusive skins: Gadget Goblin Cupid and Star Commander Bellona.


  • Enter our SMITE on Switch Photo Contest! Tweet a photo of yourself playing SMITE on Switch in Godlike places with the hashtag #SMITESwitchPics for your chance at scoring some sweet loot! Contest ends March 8th, and we will announce the winner on March 11th. Find out all the details here.


  • Free God Rotation: Aphrodite, Ganesha, Tyr, Chernobog, Mercury


  • Make sure to grab a Pandamonium Chest for 25% off! This sale will last through the weekend, so log in today!


  • Last day to purchase some Pandamonium Chests for 25% off!

Weekly Wisdom:
PonPon says – “Critical Strike and Attack Speed become better the more Power you have! Get some power before building a lot of these stats.”