Account Linking and Cross-progression FAQ
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7 months ago
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Gods & Goddesses!

Season 6 is right around the corner, and with it comes Cross-Progression! Players will now be able to enjoy all of their content and progress on PC, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch. This is a huge step forward for SMITE and we’re so excited to take this step in the future of gaming.

We wanted to take some time to explain how the account merging process will work and answer some frequently asked questions before Cross-Progression goes live on February 11th. Here’s the break down:

Linking Online

Players can prepare for Cross-Progression by linking their accounts online right now! Visit and log into your preferred Hi-Rez account. Once logged in, click the “Linked Accounts” button on the left to get a snapshot of all the accounts you have linked. You can link/unlink your Xbox account from this screen by selecting the option under the Xbox logo.

Linked accounts will be automatically merged when Cross-Progression goes live, so there’s no further action required after you have successfully linked your preferred accounts via our website!

*Please Note: Account Linking for Nintendo Switch will not be available on our website at the time Cross-Progression goes live. Please see the info below for details on how to link and merge your Nintendo Switch account.

Nintendo Switch players must link using the method outlined below. 

Linking in the SMITE Game Client

When users log in for the first time after Cross-Progression has been enabled, they will be prompted with a popup with three options:

  • You can link your current console account to an existing Hirez account
  • You can create a new HiRez account and link it to your console account
  • Or, you can skip the linking process all together.

If you opt to link an existing Hi-Rez account to a console account, you will be brought to a login screen where you can enter your Hi-Rez username and password to link and merge the accounts.

If you opt to create and then link a Hi-Rez account to a console, you will be prompted to enter a new username, password, and email in order to create a Hi-Rez account and link it to your console account.

If you opt to skip the linking process, you will be taken to the SMITE home screen like normal. If you decline linking your accounts you can still link via the Hi-Rez account management website.

On the main login screen where you link an existing HiRez account to a console account, there will be a button labeled “More Linking Options”. This button will open a panel with a QR code. Scanning this QR code will take you to the Hi-Rez website where there are other linking options. This is also where you can recover your username and password for your Hi-Rez account if you have forgotten one of them.

*Please Note: After linking accounts players on PC will be prompted to enter a new in-game name. You may choose to change your name to something new or you can simply enter your existing in-game name to continue.

Cross-Progression FAQ

What will be merged when I link my accounts?

  • The following items from all your linked accounts will be merged when Cross-Progression is enabled: Favor, Owned Gods & Skins, Worshipers, any other owned content that is unused(un-rolled chests, team boosters, etc.)

How will my account level be affected after merging my accounts?

  • After merging accounts, the account level that is the highest among all linked accounts will be your account level. For example, if your PC account level is 72, and your Xbox account level is 30, your account level after merging will be 72.

How will my friends list work after Cross-Progression is enabled?

  • Players will be free to add other players from any other platform with Cross-Play enabled to their friends list. When Cross-Progression goes live, the friends list from the most active account or primary account will become the default for your newly merged account.

How will Cross-Progression affect my ranked progress?

  • Ranked wins from all merged accounts will be combined and will continue to be shared across accounts. TP will not be combined and players will have a separate TP total for each platform.

What will happen to my Gem total after I merge my accounts?

  • Gems owned on PC and Nintendo Switch will be added together and will only be able to be used on those platforms. Xbox Gems will be able to be used across all platforms. Going forward, Gems purchased on PC & Nintendo Switch will only be able to be used on linked PC and Nintendo Switch accounts. Gems purchased on Xbox will be able to be used across all platforms.

For more information on Cross-Play and Cross-Progression please visit