The Legend of Camelot - Event Info
By: TitanIsiah |
5 months ago
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We have had some questions from members of the community about the current event. So we decided to put together a more in-depth explanation here.

The Legendary heroes of Avalon, King Arthur & Merlin, have arrived! Take part in their epic battle to save the Battleground of the Gods in the Legend of Camelot Event!

As King Arthur & Merlin’s journey unfolds, 5 Bundles will become available to purchase. Each with 2 Exclusive Skins and 2 Profile cosmetic items.

Each Bundle will cost 900 Gems but is discounted to 750 Gems during the first 2 weeks of its release. Purchasing 1 Bundle from the event will also instantly grant you the Titles “King” and “Queen” along with a 30% off coupon for your next Bundle purchase. Purchasing 3 Bundles will grant another 30% off coupon for your next Bundle purchase.

After unlocking 3 Bundles you will be granted the Exclusive Winged Justice Tyr Skin for free! If you unlock all 5 Bundles in the Legend of Camelot, you will be granted the Unlimited Master Soulbinder Merlin Skin!

Unlimited Skins are a new Skin classification coming to SMITE! These are godlike rewards given for FREE to players that fully participate and unlock all the content from an event. In the past, we would classify these coveted Skins as Limited, and they would only be available as part of their corresponding event. Unlimited Skins are event reward Skins, but after their corresponding event has ended they will be available for direct purchase at a premium price so that they will continue to be available to future new players. The post-event price will be the total amount of Gems required to purchase all event components necessary to unlock the Skin during the event. When an Unlimited Skin is purchased after its event, it will not unlock any of the other event content.

The most efficient way to obtain Merlin’s Master Soulbinder Skin during the Legend of Camelot is to buy each Skin Bundle while it is discounted to 750 Gems and to use the 30% off coupons. So the cost will be 750 Gems + 525 + 750 + 525 + 750 = 3,300 for 12 Skins and 10 Profile cosmetic items. After the event, the Master Soulbinder Skin will be available for direct purchase for 3,300 Gems. Purchasing it as an Unlimited Skin after the event will not unlock the other event Skins and Profile cosmetic items.


  • No Limited Skins will be reclassified as Unlimited.
  • Unlimited Skins will not show up in the Deal of the Day and will not be usable when Team Skin Boosters are activated.

The Legend of Camelot will finish when Update 6.4 releases. Be sure to hop in and join the Wielder of Excalibur and The Master Wizard in this legendary celebration of Gods 99 & 100!