SMITE: Week At a Glance (SWAG) [March 11 - March 17]
By: TitanCupcake |
2 months ago
Category: Event,News

Last Week’s Big Updates: 
The Spring Holiday Chest:
  • The Spring Holiday Chest becomes available on Tuesday, March 12th, which features our new skins – Wolfsbane Skadi & Spellbound Chang’e!
Ides of March:
  • Ides of March is Friday, March 15, so we have tons of Roman events to celebrate!
    • From Friday the 15 through Sunday the 17, earn a Roman Pantheon Avatar for getting a First Win of the Day!
    • The Roman Pantheon Chest will be on sale this weekend.
    • Select Roman Pantheon Direct Purchase Skins will be on sale.
SMITE eSports:
  • The SMITE Console League starts on Monday, March 11th! The SMITE Console League features our most talented players on Xbox and PS4.
  • The SMITE Minor League starts Tuesday, March 12th! The SMITE Minor League is a PC league dedicated to cultivating our best amateur talent.

Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Bacchus and Xbalanque have awesome synergy. While drunk, enemies are forced to move. This means Xbalanque’s ultimate will always stun targets that are drunk!”