SMITE 2019 Community Skin Concept Voting is LIVE!
By: TitanIsiah |
4 months ago
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Gods & Goddesses!

We received over 300 amazing submissions for this year’s Community Skin contest and we’ve narrowed them down to the final 6 for voting! We got so many awesome concepts and ideas, deciding our finalists was a huge task. Before we get to the finalists we wanted to take some time to share some honorable mentions:

Casino Queen Hera

We were immediately drawn to how fun Argus was in this concept. After some heated discussion the team decided that while Argus was very strong, there weren’t enough interesting aspects to Hera’s depiction. As Hera is the playable character, it’s very important to us that she is the star of any skin.

Chimera Cerberus

We absolutely loved this more lore-driven depiction of the Warden of the Underworld, but we’ve got another super bad-ass Cerberus skin headed your way soon that we needed to make room for.

Sweet Tooth Jormungandr

We couldn’t get enough of this concept (especially TitanCupcake)! But like Cerberus mentioned above, Jormungandr has a fun skin set to release fairly soon. Be on the lookout!

Primal Hunter Da Ji

We really loved how this came out. The only thing holding this concept back were some technical limitations brought up by art team. Reinterpreting female Goddesses into males comes with a tremendous amount of work to ensure that animations look accurate. As we mentioned when revealing Valkyrie’s Rage Thanatos, floating Gods are our only realistic targets for this treatment.

All right, now that we’ve had a chance to look at some honorable mentions it’s time to cast your vote for this year’s Community Skin! Visit this link and complete the survey before April 2nd to lock in your vote.

*Please note: The survey will require you to login with a Google account.

We received a lot of submissions that we loved, but we could not use them due to the artist labeling existing IPs as the inspiration of the concept or including visual cues to existing IPs in their art work. Please keep in mind when creating community skin submissions that all artwork must be original.

We’d also like to reiterate that submitted artwork will influence Skin design, but it will not dictate it. Skins must be concepted and designed internally to make sure their design fits the requirements for that God or Goddess and its role in the game.