SMITE: Week At a Glance (SWAG) [April 1 - April 7]
By: TitanCupcake |
6 months ago
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Community Skin Concept Voting:
Darkness Falls Update:
  • Prepare for the Darkness Falls Update to come to SMITE! This Update will be going live on Tuesday, April 2.
  • With this Update, comes the Darkness Falls Battle Pass. Instantly unlock Terror of the Deep Scylla when you purchase the Premium Battle Pass!
  • The Mixer Store will be live! Earn free loot by watching our mixer streams. Acquire mixer points for watching our channel and cash in those points to earn exclusive in-game content!
From the Depths Chest:
  • This chest will be available for purchase starting on Friday, April 5.
  • The items in this chest have an equal drop chance!
  • Don’t feel like taking a chance? Depths of Atlantis Nox is available for Direct Purchase so you can skip the chest rolls!
Dev Insight Show:
  • Join us Wednesday at 3pm ET over at to go over the new content coming to SMITE along with getting a deeper look at SMITE from the Devs!
Party Up Weekend (Stacking):
  • Earn 2x Favor, Worshipers, and XP this weekend when in a party of 2.
  • Earn 3x Favor, Worshipers, and XP this weekend when in a party of 3 or more!
Weekly Wisdom: 

PonPon says – ” Boots are needed on most gods, but be wary of building it on Medusa or Arachne. Medusa does not have feet, and Arachne has 6 feet but can only buy a single pair of boots.”