SMITE: Week At a Glance (SWAG) [April 15 - 21]
By: TitanCupcake |
5 months ago
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Last Week:
  • We have started the voting for this year’s Odyssey Tier 5 skin! Check out the bracket and vote!
  • The Council of the Gods bundle with Snuggly Artemis and Valkyrie’s Rage Thanatos became available. Check out the Darkness Falls Update Notes to download wallpapers for these skins.
  • SPL-themed skills are now live on Use these to support your favorite team and get 10 bonus Mixer Points every time you use them!
  • Also, don’t forget the Mixer store is live! Earn points by watching our live Mixer channel, and use those points towards in-game skins.
  • Claim all the goodies that come with the Desert Dragon Neith Twitch Prime Bundle while you still can! This bundle is free with Twitch Prime, and you can find out how to claim on our blog.
  • From the Depths Chest went live, featuring Depths of Atlantis Nox!

Cute But Deadly Chest:
  • This chest will be available with brand new content starting on Tuesday, April 16.
  • New content features Itsy Bitsy Chibi Arachne and Blood Axe Chaac!
  • Both of these new skins are also available for direct purchase, but only for a limited time!
  • Download the wallpapers for these skins in the Darkness Falls Update Notes.
Sands and Skies Update Show:
  • On this Update Show, we will be diving into SMITE’s two newest Gods: Horus and Set!
  • We have some big announcements to make on this show – you won’t wanna miss this!
  • Come see some other epic new content coming to SMITE over at at 3pm Easter Time on Wednesday!
Weekend Sale:
  • We’ve got a festive sale planned for this weekend, so check the in-game store and our social channels to see what deals are going on!
2x Event This Weekend:
  • Earn 2x Favor, XP, and Worshipers when you play this weekend!
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “As Da Ji, you can control where you appear around a target you are using Trickster Spirit on. The direction you face after casting the ability changes where you appear around the target!”