SMITE: Week At a Glance (SWAG) [April 22 - 28]
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1 year ago
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Last Week
  • The Cute But Deadly Chest featuring Itsy Bitsy Chibi Arachne and Blood Axe Chaac became available. Check out the Darkness Falls Update Notes to download wallpapers for these skins.
  • The Sands and Skies Update Show happened on Wednesday! If you missed it, catch up with our YouTube video and/or check out the Sands and Skies Update Notes for all the details.
  • We announced SMITE Blitz – and we can’t wait for you to try it out! Sign up for the alpha here!
  • Also, don’t forget the Mixer store is live! Earn points by watching our live Mixer channel, and use those points towards in-game skins.
  • Claim all the goodies that come with the Desert Dragon Neith Twitch Prime Bundle while you still can! This bundle is free with Twitch Prime, and you can find out how to claim on our blog. This bundle will be going away this week, so don’t miss it!
This Week
Twitch Prime Bundle:
  • Starting Thursday, April 25, grab brand-new Twitch Prime loot – The Gladiator Bundle!
  • The new Gladiator Bundle features Thor’s exclusive skin Gladiator, and matching Loading Screen, Announcer Pack, and Music Theme.
  • To learn how to claim this FREE loot, check out our blog post.  
Council of the Gods #2 –
Divine Allegiance Bundle:
  • The second part of this event will go live on Tuesday, April 23.
  • Three new skins will become available: Oasis Djinn Aphrodite, Divine Beats Amaterasu, and Ragnarok Jormungandr!
  • Remember: if you purchase the two Council of the Gods Bundles, you will instantly unlock this event’s Collection Bonus – Ragnarok Jormungandr!
  • Check out our Darkness Falls Update Notes for high resolution images and wallpapers of these upcoming skins to download.
SMITE esports:
  • This week is a bye week for SCL/SML. This means there will be no games for these players.
  • SPL will continue as usual. Check out the schedule to stay up to date on all SMITE esports.
SMITE Videos:
  • We will be showing off our newest Gods to hit the Battleground: Horus and Set! Catch their God Reveal videos over on our YouTube channel. We will have a Twitter poll about which God Reveal Video you want to see first, so head over to our official SMITE Twitter page to vote!
  • Also, get some extra behind-the-scenes footage of the Titan Forge team working on SMITE’s first ever dual God release! Stay tuned on our YouTube channel for this exclusive content.
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Enhanced Fire Giant is a powerful threat. Defeating the Primal Fury will help you deal more damage to this powerful foe!”