Twitch Prime Issues?
By: TitanCupcake |
1 year ago
Category: FAQ

Are you having trouble claiming
your Twitch Prime loot?

Here are some solutions that may work for you:

– Most all Twitch Prime issues can be resolved by unlinking, then re-linking your Twitch account to your PC account on our Account Linking website. Please assure that you are linking the proper accounts.

– If the above did not help, try logging out and back into the game 5 or more times. This has helped several players in triggering the event to grant them the skins they have claimed.

– Once Twitch Prime loot has been claimed on a Hi-Rez account, that Twitch account cannot be used to grant loot to any other Hi-Rez account, even if it is linked to a different Hi-Rez account.

– You must have an active Prime subscription in order to be able to claim your rewards. If you have an active subscription and still are not properly receiving the rewards, please unlink then re-link your account.

– It is not possible to link your Twitch account directly to a console/ Steam account. You will need to link your Twitch account to a Hi-Rez account, then link said Hi-Rez account to your console/Steam account.

– Each Amazon Prime account can link three Twitch accounts to it. If another Twitch account linked to the same Amazon Prime account claims the rewards before you did, then only that account will receive the rewards.

**Please note: You cannot use multiple Twitch Prime free trials to claim these bundles.
You must use the same Twitch Prime account. If you have trouble, please file a support ticket.

If you are still having trouble, please file a support ticket and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

See you on the Battleground!