SWAG: May 20-26
By: TitanCupcake |
9 months ago
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Last Week:

Chibi Bonanza Chest:
  • It’s finally here!! Blinky Chibi Janus will be available through the Chibi Bonanza Chest starting on Tuesday, May 21.
  • If you want to download any wallpapers for this cutie, check out the Sands and Skies Update Notes
  • Skillshot will be at Momocon!
  • Stop by on Thursday afternoon to meet some SMITE Pro and Paladins Pro players!
Weekend Event:
  • The heavily requested 3x Worshiper weekend is here!
  • Earn 3x Worshipers this weekend, from Friday until Monday (ending May 27).
  • We have a very interesting episode of Esports Weekly this week. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday (May 22) at 4:00 PM ET!
  • Renegades are here and ready to play!
  • Take a look at the schedule on our esports page.
Free Twitch Prime Loot:
  • The free Gladiator Thor bundle is going away!
  • Make sure to claim this bundle before it’s gone.
  • Prince of Darkness Hades bundle is up next – and will be available May 24!
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “All Gods slow down when the basic attack for a short time. Gods with Ranged Basic Attacks slow down more than those who use Melee Basic Attacks. When attacking, try to take this into account. Or buy an item that gives haste and ignore the penalty!”