2019 Olympians Impact Update
By: TitanIsiah |
8 months ago
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This year we introduced a new program called The Olympians where you, the community, elected 9 of your peers to serve as a player leadership council to provide continuous feedback to the development team at Titan Forge Games. It’s crazy to think that we’re already halfway through the Season, and we wanted to take some time to share some of the amazing work that the Olympians are doing on the community’s behalf. Listed below are changes or features added to SMITE this year based on feedback and discussion with The Olympians. We’ve also listed some changes suggestions discussed with The Olympians that have not been implemented, but are considering.

Going forward, keep an eye out for The Olympians logo in Update Notes posted here  on Any changes added to SMITE based on feedback from the Olympians will be tagged with it. 

We’re looking forward to finishing out the Season strong with the help of this amazing group. If you haven’t already be sure to follow all the council members on social media! They post frequent updates on our scheduled meetings and continually collect feedback to help make the SMITE experience even better.

See you on the Battleground!

Game Balance
  • Freya Balance – The Olympians were an integral part in helping us identify player frustration factors with Freya early on in the Season. Many of the balance adjustments (nerfs) she received were brainstormed with the group.
  • Added new King Arthur Sword tech allowing players to see when his Ultimate is ready to fire – Neo Olympia Update
  • Mana improvement buffs for Cabrakan & Poseidon – Neo Olympia Update
  • Assault Healing Orb changes after the new map was released – Neo Olympia Update
  • Duel Titan Changes – Neo Olympia Update
  • Enhanced Fire Giant changes – Neo Olympia Update
  • Izanami buffs – Sands & Skies Update
  • Hou Yi Ultimate change – Sands & Skies Update
  • Cu Chulainn buffs – Ruler of the Heavens Update
  • Set QoL changes( being able to see clones through walls) – Neo Olympia Update
  • Gem of Isolation nerf – Ruler of the Heavens Update
  • Skadi changes – Mid-Season Update
  • Thor changes – Mid-Season Update
  • Isis changes – Mid-Season Update
  • Added more behaviors and AI improvements to bots. We’ve also added several more God to AI matches and custom bots in the Mid-Season Update.
  • Suggested Kukulkan to receive the Tier 5 Battle of Olympus skin
  • Pitched the idea for a new Modern “streetwear” theme seen with Vigilante Susano
  • Content themes are now more heavily considered when deciding the content that will be included in new Chests.
  • Implemented new tech to show off skin VXGs on the home screen
  • The Olympians have helped brainstorm several upcoming new skins and developed mood boards for new content themes.
  • Fixed several cases where skin sound FX were too quiet or lacked clarity reported by the Olympians 
  • End of Match Lobby animations and Color Change Art
Project Olympus Quality of Life Updates
  • Added a Console virtual keyboard for custom chat both in game and in the match lobby
  • Players are now able to queue as 2 of the same God in Jungle Practice
  • Spectator bug identification: Titan Health bars don’t show, Joust lighting is not showing as intended, Gold fury/Fire Giant counter display issues.
  • We brought back the option to Duo-Queue in Ranked
    • We also widened the MMR gap required after implementation
  • Increased the amount of Ranked Bans from 4 to 5 – Mid Season Update
  • Shorter Ranked Lobbies – Mid Season Update
  • Shorter Ranked Queues – Mid Season Update
  • Transparent skin card art cut outs will be added to the community resource bank with every update, making it easier for content creators to create video thumbnails
  • We updated our Ban & Suspension policy to call out the harassment of live streamers
  • The Olympians have helped us combat toxicity with detailed harassment reports
  • A new Community spotlight segment has been added to the Dev Insight Show where we highlight community art and cosplay.
  • Added a dedicated panel in game that advertises esports broadcasts when they are live.
  • Developed a new SMITE welcome page to help on-board new players
  • Increased Content creator/Influencer engagement with upcoming skin and God spoilers/teaser(EX:Olorun puzzle)
  • Implemented the Community Cutesy Avatar Submission program
  • Increase in  non-standard media  SMITE community contests!(Ex: Olorun Slow Motion Video Contest, Olorun SMITE.Guru Guide Contest)
Requested Features

*Note the following features have been proposed by The Olympians, but are not currently scheduled. The Titan Forge Games team is heavily considering these features for future Updates.

  • Relic and Ability icon changes to make it easier to see when a player’s relics are down
  • Adding a Role swap option to Conquest(similar to how trading works in Assault)
  • Clan system updates
  • Bringing back God stats on loading frames
  • Increasing the cursor speed for Console pinging/Teleport, making it easier to navigate to where you want to place your cursor on the map.
  • Adding more options to custom games(infinite Mana, reduced Cooldowns, etc.)
  • Adding a  “Report a Bug” Option in game
  • Updating the Auto-Buy and Auto-Skill build paths for all Gods
  • Adding new rewards for God Masteries