SWAG: July 8-14
By: TitanCupcake |
8 months ago
Category: News

Last Week:

MidSeason Update Show
  • It’s already time for the MidSeason Update!!
  • Tune in to our Update Show at 11am ET on Tuesday, July 9 on our Mixer channel.
  • We’ve been teasing some of the content over on our Twitter page, so check it out for some sneak peeks! 
Battle for Olympus:
  • The final set of skins for the Rightful Heir Chest will release on Tuesday, July 9th.
  • Snag Clockwork Chaos Discordia and Mothman Ah Muzen Cab.
  • Unlock the final reward: Seraph Horus!
  • Download wallpapers for these skins in the Ruler of the Heavens Update Notes!
Ultimate God Pack Sale:
  • Monday, July 8th is the last day to grab the Ultimate God Pack for 50% off for PC/Steam users.
  • Grab all past and future Gods for one super low price.
Olympians’ Summit:
  • The Olympians are coming to town on Sunday, July 14!
  • If there’s anything you want them to bring to the dev team, tell them now!
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Some stats have synergy with each other. Stacking Critical Strike or Penetration is often good! Some stats however are better when paired with other stats. Stacking Attack Speed without Power is a recipe for disaster.”