SWAG: July 15-21
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1 month ago
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Last Week:

Olympians Summit:
  • The Olympians are coming to town!
  • They’ll spend 3 days with our dev teams, giving us their community feedback and getting to know everyone!
  • Keep up with our daily updates on our Olympians page.
Vigilante Chest:
Ultimate God Pack Sale:
  • The Ultimate God Pack is on sale for 50% off for Nintendo Switch and Xbox players!
  • Grab all past and future Gods for one super low price.
The Olympians Said So:
  • The Olympians are making the rules, and that includes having a 2x Battle Points event, Gem Storm, various chest and direct purchase skin sales, and more!
  • Read up on what all is happening each day on our blog post.
Weekly Wisdom:
The Olympians say – “Frequently pull up the scoreboard during your matches and check what your opponents are building. It’s a hard habit to form but totally worth it once you do – especially because you may need to adjust your build accordingly. If when you take a look at your enemy composition, they have more physical damage than magical, be prepared to invest more in physical protections! Sticking to one single build or relying on Auto-Buy and never deviating from it, no matter what, is something you want to avoid once you’ve been playing SMITE for awhile.”