The Olympians Said So!
By: TitanCupcake |
1 month ago
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The Olympians have come to town, and they’ve come with demands! From Gem Storms to double Battle Points events, sales, and more, we’ve got a ton going on because… well, the Olympians Said So!


July 19-21: 2x Battle Points
July 19-21: Gem Storm! 3 FWOTD = 50 Gems

Olympian Picks – Direct Purchase Skin Sales:

July 18-22, all of the following skins will be 33% off:

  • He Bro He Bo
  • Primal Fire Ares
  • Fire Lord Ne Zha
  • Dark Lord Wukong
  • Nebula Medusa
  • Renegade Awilix
  • Slaughterhouse Chaac
  • Reaper Tech Thanatos
  • Dark Summoner Nu Wa
  • Olympian Anhur
Bundle Sales:

July 18-22: Adventure Bundles 25% off

Chest Sales:

July 18-20: Summer Hits Chests 25% off

July 18-20: Retro Wave Chests 25% off

July 20-22: SMITEtropolis Chests 25% off

July 20-22: Birds of Prey Chests 25% off

Account Sales: 

July 18-22: Boosters, Avatars, Wards, IGN, VPs 50% off

Make sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out, and stay tuned for more Olympians Updates on!

We’ll see you on the Battleground of the Gods!