SWAG: July 22-28
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1 month ago
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Last Week:

Mid-Season Update:
  • The Mid-Season Update is planned for Tuesday, July 23!
  • This Update is bringing balance changes, reworks, a new Battle Pass, and so much more!
  • Catch up on all the changes coming to SMITE on the Mid-Season Update Notes!
Ruler of the Heavens Dev Insight Show:
  • The Dev Insight Show will be held on Wednesday, July 24 at 3pm ET on!
  • Get an inside look at the buffs and nerfs that took place, and hear what the devs think about how their changes impacted the game!
Sweet Victory Battle Pass:
  • The Sweet Victory Battle Pass is going live with the Mid-Season Update!
  • Instantly unlock Power-Up Hera when you purchase the Premium Battle Pass.
  • There is now a Prestige Track for the Battle Pass, with Rematch Hera as your ultimate reward!
  • Download wallpapers for all these skins in the Mid-Season Update Notes!
Ultimate God Pack Sale:
  • The Ultimate God Pack is on sale for 50% off for Nintendo Switch and Xbox players through Monday, July 22!
  • Grab all past and future Gods for one super low price.
The Olympians Said So:
  • The Olympians Said So Sale and events will be coming to a close on Monday, July 22 so don’t miss out!
  • Read up on what all is happening each day on our blog post.
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Tired on Hunters burning through your health bar? Give them a taste of their own medicine! Hide of the Nemean Lion and Shield of Thorns will not only protect you but send a good portion of damage right back at those pesky bow wielders!”