SWAG: August 5-11
By: TitanCupcake |
3 weeks ago
Category: Console,Event,News

Last Week:
  • The final chapter for the Battle for Olympus has begun!
  • Grab Zappy Chibi Zeus and Spirit Sun Hou Yi through the event, and work your way towards the Tier 5 Kukulkan!
  • Download wallpapers for all skins coming out in the Mid-Season Update Notes!
  • Day With a Dev happened on Wednesday with Chris from Tech Art! If you missed it, watch our highlights on our Titan Forge Instagram.
  • We held a Dev Insight Show on Wednesday. Watch it here if you missed it.
  • We are still taking submissions for the Cutesy Avatar Chest! Learn more about submitting and submit your own Cutesy Avatar!

Update Show:
  • Tune in to our Update Show on Wednesday to get a first look at all the new content (and maybe a new God/Goddess??) coming to SMITE!
  • Join us on Wednesday at 3pm ET on
  • Check out our social channels to see some teasers for the show! 
Battleworn Chest:
  • The Battleworn Chest will go live on Tuesday, August 6.
  • This Chest features the new Infantree Sylvanus skin – a WolfdawgArt concept!
  • Download wallpapers for this skin in the Mid-Season Update Notes.
Party Up Weekend:
  • This weekend is a Party Up Weekend!
  • Earn 2x Favor, Worshipers, and XP when partied up with at least one other person.
Ultimate God Pack Sale:
  • The Ultimate God Pack is on sale for 50% off for PS4 players through Monday, August 5!
  • Grab all past and future Gods for one super low price today, before the sale ends!
Chivalry Chest Sale:
  • The Chivalry Chest will be on sale later this week, so keep an eye out for that.
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Be careful around plants and flowers, while often pretty they can quickly turn deadly.”