SWAG: September 9-15
By: TitanCupcake |
6 months ago
Category: News

Last Week:
  • The Odyssey: Underworld Update Show took place on Wednesday!
  • The Splyce Jormungandr skin was shown off – congrats again to Splyce for their World Championship win last year!
  • If you missed it, check out the Update Notes or the VOD.
  • Calavera Skadi went live on Tuesday through the Calavera Chest.
  • Download wallpapers for this skin the Queen of the Underworld Update Notes.
  • The Community Celebration event continues! Make sure to play and level up for some sweet, free rewards (including Spirit Guide Artio)!

  • We’re headed into the second half of the final phase of the season, so make sure to tune in as we hit the road to the SMITE World Championship! 
Spooky Squad:
  • This Chest goes Tuesday and features two new skins:
  • Spooky Dreams Kumbhakrana
  • Spooky Nightmares Cupid
  • To download wallpapers for this skin the Queen of the Underworld Update Notes.
Day With a Dev:
  • Spend your Wednesday with Luiza from our Environment Art team!
  • Ask her about her career path and see what she’s up to in the studio!
Mega Mech Chest:
  • This Chest will be on sale later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Aura items are powerful. While you may not be as strong for building them you are increasing the total power of your whole team. Just be sure to actually stay near your allies!”