SWAG: September 16-22
By: TitanCupcake |
8 months ago
Category: Event,News

Last Week:
  • We announced Cross-Play coming to PS4!!!!
  • If you missed it, catch the details on our blog.
  • Spooky Nightmares Cupid and Spooky Dreams Kumbhakarna went live, featured in the Spooky Squad Chest.
  • Download wallpapers for this skin the Queen of the Underworld Update Notes.
  • We hosted a Day With a Dev with Luiza from our Environment Art team on our Titan Forge Games Instagram. Check out the highlight if you missed it! 
  • The Community Celebration event continues! Make sure to play and level up for some sweet, free rewards (including Spirit Guide Artio)!

Dev Insight Show:
  • We will be streaming our Dev Insight Show on Wednesday at 3pm over on
Odyssey: Underworld Update:
  • The first Update of the Odyssey is scheduled to go live on Tuesday!
  • This Update includes Cross-Play with PS4!
  • If you missed out on everything coming this update, check out the Update Notes!
Pirate Queens Battle Pass:
  • The latest Battle Pass goes live with the Update!
  • Download wallpapers for your favorite skins from the Update Notes!
Extraterrestrial Chest:
  • Are you prepared to raid Area 51?!
  • Make sure to look the part with a few Extraterrestrial Chests while they’re on sale this weekend!
Weekend Event:
  • This weekend is a 2x weekend!
  • Earn 2x Worshipers, Favor, and XP this weekend (no party required).
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Experiment with your item builds. While not everything will be a success, you will gain valuable information when it comes to building items and you may find a new favorite!”