The Odyssey: Underworld - Event Info
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8 months ago
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Gods & Goddesses!!

This year’s Odyssey descends into the Underworld as Persephone rises against the throne above her domain. For the first time ever, you can pre-purchase everything in this year’s event to unlock this year’s Ultimate Odyssey reward – Tier 5 Stellar Demise Baron Samedi – on day one! In addition to early access to the Tier 5, the “Buy All” feature also unlocks early access to all Odyssey content released in each Update. While other players will have to wait each week to unlock an update’s content individually, “Buy All” players will receive it on the day the Update goes live!

The Day 1 “Buy All” price for the Odyssey: Underworld will be 8,800 Gems. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Pre-purchasing the Odyssey: Underworld automatically unlocks all Odyssey items as they release, including Odyssey Point Reward Items.
  • All of these items you own but do not have access to yet will be visible on the new “Pre-Orders Page” in the Reward Center. 
  • All Odyssey Items are individually purchasable Skins or other Cosmetics that release over time throughout the event.
  • Odyssey items will be discounted during the first week that each item is released. 
  • The Buy All price is the current Odyssey item price for all released items + the discounted price for all future Odyssey items. This means that the Buy All price for the Odyssey will increase as the Odyssey event progresses and each launch discount expires.
    • Week 1 Buy All price: 8,800 Gems
      • All items are being purchased at the discounted rate
    • Week 2 Buy all price: 9,000 Gems 
      • The first Odyssey skin is now full price and all other Odyssey items are being purchased at the discount rate.

We’ve seen some other conversations around the Odyssey where players would like to know what Gods are receiving Skins, and what profile loadout items will be included in the Odyssey so they can be more educated before Pre-purchasing the event. We agree and you can find a list of all content in this years Odyssey below. We don’t want to spoil all our surprises, so keep an eye out for the in game teaser art on the Odyssey event page in future updates for hints at all the amazing skin themes we have in store.

Purchaseable Odyssey Items
  • Death Dragon Anubis
  • Chilling Death Odin
  • Loading Screen
  • Snakey Chibi Medusa
  • Crime Boss Kuzenbo
  • Music Theme
  • Persephone Skin
  • Xing Tian Skin
  • Animated Avatar
  • Neith Skin
  • Thor Skin
  • Death mark
  • Scylla skin
  • Osiris skin
  • Recall skin
  • Pele skin
  • Apollo skin
  • Jump Stamp
  • Achilles skin
  • Mercury skin
  • Isis skin
  • Level Up skin
  • Jormungandr skin
  • Fountain FX skin
  • Izanami skin
  • Ward skin
Bonus Odyssey Items(Obtained by gaining Odyssey Points)
  • Cutesy Avatar Chest
  • Loading Frame
  • Thanatoast Thanatos
  • Announcer Pack
  • Merlin Skin
  • Global Emote
  • Ganesha skin
  • Pedestal
  • Stellar Demise Baron Samedi + Recall & Jump Stamp
  • 26 Underworld Odyssey Chests over the course of the event.

SMITE’s Odyssey: Underworld has so much in store for you, from Exclusive Skins, gripping lore, the Tier 5 Stellar Demise Baron Samedi skin, and more. For more info on this year’s Odyssey head over to

We’ll see you on the Battleground.