SWAG: October 7-13
By: TitanCupcake |
8 months ago
Category: News

Last Week:
  • We revealed Yemoja: Goddess of Rivers on the Update Show!
  • Check out the Update Notes if you missed the show, or watch the VOD.
  • The Digital Loot Pack became available, which includes Splyce Jormungandr!
  • Snakey Chibi Medusa went live through the Odyssey.
  • To download wallpapers for these skins, check out the Odyssey: Underworld Update Notes
  • The mid lane episode of our Role Queue series premiered over the weekend!
  • We sat down with four of the best mid laners in the SMITE Pro League for an honest discussion about the state of their role.

Odyssey: Underworld:
  • The Odyssey is bringing Kuzenbo a gun!
  • Snag Crime Boss Kuzenbo through the Odyssey, and download wallpapers in the Update Notes.
Day With a Dev:
  • We’ll have another Day With a Dev on our Titan Forge Instagram page!
  • Bring your questions and see what it’s like around the office!
Ways to Save:
  • Adventure Bundles are on sale through Monday for 25% off!
  • Chibiriffic and SMITE Birthday Chests will also be 25% off this weekend! 
Weekly Wisdom:

PonPon says – “Aegis is best used to absorb damage, rather than just stay alive. Blocking a full Scylla ultimate is generally better than being hit and then reacting with Aegis to survive the follow up!”